7 Things to Look for in a Pre-Owned Vehicle

April 14th, 2022 by

Thinking about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, but not sure where to start? Family owned and operated Fernelius Toyota has been serving Michigan since 2004, and our family knows the ins and outs of what to look for when shopping for a used car. Here are seven things to consider:

  1. Reason for selling. If you’re buying the car from a private party, a common reason for selling is growing family needs: having a baby, kids getting older, bringing four-legged friends to the home, etc. If they don’t have a good reason for selling, there’s a chance the car could be faulty.
  2. Maintenance records. Find out if the vehicle was serviced at a dealership, by an independent mechanic, or somewhere else. Also be sure to ask for up-to-date maintenance and service records.
  3. Accident records. If the vehicle has been in an accident, find out how bad the damage was, and how it was fixed.
  4. Features that don’t work. Make sure there aren’t any defects that would make for an unpleasant surprise, such as weak or broken air conditioning, or blown speakers.
  5. Problems that would prevent long road trips. Ask if taking the car on a long road trip would be an issue. This is an unexpected question — and the answer should be a resounding “no.”
  6. Do your research beforehand; if the seller’s price for doesn’t seem to make sense, find out why.
  7. Mechanical inspection. Request to take the vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection. Only ask this if you’re serious about making the purchase. If the car is in good working order, this shouldn’t present a problem.

Want to check out the pre-owned vehicle inventory at Fernelius Toyota? Give us a call at (888) 337-6354 or come see us at 11283 North Straits Highway in Northern Michigan. We’ll get you going on a test drive and have you behind the wheel of your next vehicle in no time!

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