Guide to Your Vehicle Warning Lights

April 14th, 2023 by

Dashboard warning lights are how your Toyota communicates that something is wrong. They illuminate briefly as your car or truck warms up, letting you know that all systems are safe and ready to go. But if a light stays on, there’s a problem. Here are the most common vehicle warning lights and what they mean:

  • The Check Engine light — often represented by a silhouetted engine or an all-caps “CHECK ENGINE” message — is the most ambiguous. It relates to anything that has to do with your vehicle’s motor and emissions. The problem could be as minor as an ill-fitting gas cap, or as serious as an engine on the verge of breaking down.
  • The battery light looks just like a battery and could be accompanied by the whirring sound of your vehicle trying to start. This suggests a dying battery; if there’s no sound, it could indicate a long-term issue.
  • The coolant temperature warning resembles a thermometer taking a dip in the ocean. If you see this light, it means your car is running too hot. It could be the result of low coolant levels, a leaking or burst coolant hose, a broken water pump, or damage to the radiator.
  • The tire pressure light looks just like a tire, and means you have an air leak or other issue in one or more tires. If all four tires aren’t at the correct pressure, your vehicle won’t break or turn effectively.
  • The oil pressure light is another that’s easy to recognize because it looks like an oil can. It indicates that the oil in your car is of low quality, which reduces engine performance. After a while, your engine won’t be lubricated properly, leading to high temperatures that could ruin it.

At our family owned and operated Fernelius Toyota dealership, our service center experts are ready to address any issues your warning lights may indicate. If you see a light stay on after starting your vehicle, give our service center a call at 231-333-3005. Our family of experienced technicians will take care of the issue and get you back on the roads of Northern Michigan.

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