Toyota: How to Tell If You Need an Oil Change

June 27th, 2021 by

Scheduling regular service appointments is the best way to keep your Toyota running smoothly for years to come. But at Fernelius Toyota, we know that sometimes, life gets in the way of car maintenance. Our family-owned-and-operated dealership in Cheboygan has been serving Northern Michigan since 2004, and we know all too well how commitments to friends, family and work often come before servicing your pre-owned or new Toyota. That’s why our family offers these signs to look out for; they are indicators of when your car is in dire need of an oil change:

  • Loud engine noises. Fresh, sufficient oil will lubricate your car’s engine to keep all of the parts working together smoothly. If the oil in your car has become thin, old, or poorly textured, you may hear a knocking sound when your Toyota is in motion.
  • Visible exhaust. Newer cars don’t release visible exhaust from their tailpipes. If you see something that looks like smoke coming out of the back of your vehicle, the oil may have become too old to function property.
  • If your car shakes while idling and/or you are feeling abnormal vibrations, it could mean that there is a high level of friction present in your engine — and the oil needs to be changed right away.
  • A failing oil level. Though topping off your oil can help to extend the period of time from one oil change to the next, a quick and constant oil level falling indicates a problem in your oil system.
  • Ticking noises. Your car’s engine immediately begins circulating oil when you start the vehicle. If the oil’s texture is off, the circulation will be, too — and that could result in a ticking noise coming from valves that are working extra hard to move the oil effectively.

Notice any of these signs when driving your Toyota? Give us a call immediately at (231) 333-3005 or schedule a service appointment online.

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